American Red Cross Blood Drive Sunday March 1st 2015

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Misty Rodgers learned how important her work with the Red Cross was when her own son Nathan needed transfusions.

Red Cross Blood Drive!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

8 am – 1pm

3747 Church Road

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054


Contact Sean Allen @ 609-706-1712



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Nathan has entered the “terrible twos,” but he is nothing but sunshine to his mother, Red Cross employee Misty Rodgers, who describes her son as always happy. However, Nathan’s young life was not quite so bright when a brain tumor was discovered in October 2013.Nathan was sick for about 10 days, running a fever but otherwise acting normal. Then one morning he couldn’t sit or hold his head up. He was taken to the hospital where an MRI revealed a tumor partially wrapping around his brain stem.The tumor was small, but cancerous. Nathan underwent a 12-hour surgery to remove it and received blood and platelet transfusions. Two days after the surgery, his blood levels had dropped and he was given another transfusion.“After his surgery, we had gone to dinner and came back to see blood was hanging above his bed,” Misty said. “I literally walked in the door, saw it and started crying…I was like ‘that’s what I do.’”After a regimen of 30 radiation treatments, Nathan’s cancer was thought be gone, but on Aug. 19, 2014, another tumor was discovered on his brain. Surgery and chemotherapy is needed to remove the tumor; Nathan will most likely need more transfusions to help his treatment.To blood and platelet donors, Misty expresses her deep gratitude and says that without the blood products Nathan used and will need, there is no telling what will happen.“It could be your own,” Misty said. “Working at the Red Cross, I never thought, ever, that anybody I would know would need blood, and it ended up being my son.”

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