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Presbyterian Homes and Services

Dear Alex,
Thank you so much for bringing to our Continuing Care Retirement Community a form of Tai Chi designed to work for and with Seniors. You work with a group
for residents living independently and a group of residents living in Health Care. Within each of those groups you are able to instruct people whose levels of physical functioning vary. Alex, you have shown me that Tai Chi improves the
residents’ balance, confidence, and sense of well being.
Thank you.
Sherry Hurwitz
Dir. of Residential Activities
Presbyterian Homes and Services
at Meadow Lakes
Hightstown NJ 08520-3342

New Seasons Assisted Living Community

Dear Sifu Mazza:

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how successful your Tai Chi program has become. Up to 60% of our residents come down to participate every Friday. Between the exercise, massages and pet therapy all of our residents go away feeling better. \Ve can actually see a difference in a few of our physically challenged residents. The breathing exercises have helped our residents with pulmonary deficiencies to build their endurance and stamina. Of course what is a compliment to your program without mentioning how wonderful Mishu is. He always finds his bone and treats all of us to HIS love and affection. Last week I took him up for a few room visits. The delight in their faces is worth a million. I would highly r·ecommend your programs for all!

Mary Tamn
Director of Arts & Entertainment



On behalf of the St. Paul Church Family, I would like to sincerely thank you for your donation of toys and electronics to our church. The donation is much appreciated and will benefit the youth of our church as well as those in our community. We are truly excited about blessing others less fortunate and thank you for giving us the means to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you in the future. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. In His Service, Rev. Wayne K. Young., Pastor

Wiley Christian Retirement Community

For 7 years Wiley residents have been privileged to participate in Tai Chi and to
have Alex as our instructor, our cheerleader, our encourager, our friend.
She has taught us the benefits of Tai Chi to our aging bodies and minds.
She helps us chase Arthritis, sore shoulders and sore backs, headaches and stiff
necks, sciatica and even cold hands.
Her unbelievably young body image and unceasing smile and words of
encouragement are so important to each of us. We know she practices what she
preaches and that we should do the same.
We are always delighted when her faithful Marco visits us and takes a few turns
around the class. We know he will be an excellent therapy dog bringing special
joy to everyone he visits. Cheers for Marco!
Alex’s reminders to breath deeply, stand tall, stretch out the kinks and practice
to improve our balance go home with us after each session and echo in our
minds helping us as we go through the week.
Alex, we look forward to each session and many more years of Tai Chi under
your care.
The residents of Wiley Christian Retirement Community


Riverview Estates

July 28, 2010
To whom it may concern, This comes as a letter of recommendation for The Traditional Wing Chun -Kung Fu Academy. Alexandria has been coming to our facility for at least 7-8 years. The residents here really benefit from her coming. They look forward to her program and they all participate nicely. They probably exercise more with Alex than they do with my staff because she’s someone new and different than their regular lady.
They enjoy her music and style and she’s very encouraging to them and knows them all. They particularly enjoy the massages. Residents from Assisted Living come over for the program as well. I was very excited to hear about your foundation and funding that will occur, allowing us to have Alex every week. I really appreciate this offer as we are a non-profit organization viagra generic online. Thank you once again for this blessing
Donna Maratea

Manager of Resident Life

Riverview Estates


Countryside Elementary School

Dear Mr. Mazza:
On behalf of the students and staff at Countryside School, I would like to thank you for bringing your Lion Dance Team to perform. It was a wonderful experience for all of the students and staff in attendance.

Your comments during the assembly showed that you have a deep undersmnding of the needs of students and the importance of good character. Equally impressive was the team work and cooperation that was demonstrated by the Lion Dance Team. There have been many positive comments and enthusiastic discussions since your perfonnance. Everyone that has spoken to me was excited about the preseruation and the message you conveyed. Quite a number of students have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed your remarks and learned from them. Mr. Mazza. please know that your personal effons and professional capabilities are deeply appreciated by myself. staff and students of Countryside Elementary School. Again. thank you for including us in your busy schedule.

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Cramer College Preparatory Lab School

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Kennedy Health System

To Whom It May Concern:
I would highly recommend Keith Mazza and The Asian Academy of Martial Arts as a Tai Chi instructor. Keith has been working for four years with older adults from the ElderMed senior membership program. In that time, I have found Keith to be very accommodating and flexible in his teaching techniques based on the needs of the participants. He has successfully taught seniors with a wide range of physical conditions, and they all have benefited. ·
Keith and his staff are friendly, empathetic and multi-talented. Blended together, these qualities provide for an encouraging and enriching experience for all participants. Our Tai Chi class is held on a continual basis, and this is based on the demand of the senior members. I would highly recommend Keith Mazza and The Asian Academy of Martial Arts to your group for Tai Chi. I can assure you that you will be pleased.  
Lori A. Schwartz.)
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