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CareOne at Evesham Assisted Living

We want to thank you for coming and teaching us the art ofTai Chi. In the last 3 years, since our facility opened its doors, you have been here encouraging us to feel better and live a healthier life. The techniques you have shown us have helped us to breathe properly, to maintain better focus and to relax our bodies. We look forward to your visits each week and always feel so much better after we finish your class.

Your energy is contagious; it leaves us feeling renewed and refreshed. Our bodies’ thank you, our minds thank you and our souls’ thank you. We look forward to many more years spent with you (and Marco too)!  
The residents of Care-One @ Evesham Assisted Living

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Alexandria Goldman, representing the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, has been our Tai Chi instructor for the last 3 years. Our clients at Brachfeld Adult Medical Day Center and the residents of the Jewish Geriatric Home have found the program very beneficial. They easily grasped the idea that breathing properly will increase their circulation and flexibility. Alex has a dynamic personality that lends itself to work well with the elderly. Her positive outlook and caring nature creates an atmosphere of warmth and nuturance additional hints. She provides personalized attention to each individual to maximize their abilities. I am confident that you and your residents will find Alex as wonderful and as energetic as we do. She is an educator, an artist and most importantly, a blessing for all her students.
Nancy M. Alterman, 
LCSW Director
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The Art of Life Foundation, it’s founders, and trustees have all come together with a common goal. In response to tough economic conditions we are striving to help those in need without placing limitations on helping any one cause.

Our Foundation’s goal is to come to the aid of any individual or group that needs a helping hand. The Art of Life Foundation encourages families, friends, neighbors and communities to join our cause and communicate those needs to us.

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Cheung’s Meridian Therapy ( CMT )

Cheung’s Meridian Therapy ( CMT )

From the earliest days of medicine, stories have abounded of “secret” and “miraculous” cures for various diseases and ailments. Understandably, claims have been viewed with scepticism.
Here is, however, a tradition of ancient healing secrets that have been handed down by Chinese Grandmasters for nearly two thousand years.
Grandmaster William Cheung is the honoured custodian of more than five hundred ancient Chinese medical scrolls containing secret formulae that have been translated into another language.
Grandmaster Cheung has spent the past twenty years refining these sacred healing secrets into a system that is internationally recognised. Cheung’s Meridian Therapy has been scrutinised by the medical profession in the USA and Europe, and is widely accepted by hospitals and clinics around the world. Grandmaster Cheung currently teaches in more than a dozen countries and has a standing invitation to teach at Yale University in Connecticut, USA.
One example of the effectiveness of his Meridian Therapy technique was in early 1996 when Grandmaster Cheung treated Bradley Clyde, an Australian professional Rugby League player. Clyde had been sidelined for two months due to a debilitating shoulder injury, and although he had received specialist treatment from sports medicine practices, nothing had worked.
However, after only one treatment by Grandmaster Cheung, Clyde was able to play a league match only four days later. This is only one of hundreds of seemingly miraculous cures performed by Grandmaster Cheung. There are many more citations from all over the world.

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Mission Statement

The Art of Life Foundation, it’s founders, and trustees have all come together with a common goal. In response to tough economic conditions we are striving to help those in need without placing limitations on helping any one cause.
Our Foundation’s goal is to come to the aid of any individual or group that needs a helping hand. The Art of Life Foundation encourages families, friends, neighbors and communities to join our cause and communicate those needs to us.

We are committed to “Reaching out by Reaching within….wherever there is a need.”

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Fundraiser for the Cramer College Preparatory Lab School

DEC. 2012 – The Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in partnership with The Art of Life Foundation, sponsored a Fundraiser for the Cramer College Preparatory Lab School in Camden, NJ. 18 families, consisting of a combined 96 children and adults, were presented with new winter hats, gloves, scarves and socks to help with the cold winter weather conditions. A $25. Shop-Rite gift card was also presented to each of the 18 families. Laura and Keith Mazza, along with Rosa Martinez and Cramer School’s Principal, presented these items to the families on December 19, 2012.

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Delivery of Gently Used Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Clothing

On December 7, 2012, Keith and Laura Mazza, representing the Art of Life Foundation delivered gently used men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, household items, and toys to Cramer College Preparatory Lab School in Camden, NJ. Rosa Martinez, Teacher and liaison for the school, received the items and subsequently arranged for the parents of the families in need to pick them up at the school location.

DSC03184 DSC03196DSC03195

And, for good measure, the show exaggerated the bad conditions of people’s cars prior to being pimped, thereby completely humiliating them and exploiting stereotypes. We’re talking about filling an overweight person’s car full of candy wrappers or adding dozens of cigarette butts to make someone’s smoking grandma look bad. It’s like they were just exploiting these people for money! What kind of a “pimp” does that?Mae and Marvin Acosta claimed the prize, but refused to speak to the media. Not much is known about the winners aside from the fact that they waited more than six months to come forward. The Acostas released a statement explaining the delay and saying they had been assembling a team of advisers.$564 million The February 2015 Powerball drawing produced three winners and a cash value of381 million. The first winner to claim was Marie Holmes, a 26 year old single mother of four from Shallotte, North Carolina. A second winner in Puerto Rico has decided to remain anonymous, and a third winning Baratas Ray Ban ticket was sold at the Appletree Food Mart in Princeton, Texas, near the Dallas Fort Worth area. The proceeds from the Texas ticket have been placed in a trust under the name TL Management Trust.This is a complementary approach to the investigation of miRNAs in an endogenous setting and Oakley Sunglasses Outlet it can uncover the design principles underlying biological robustness.We construct a simple but non trivial network motif (positive NFL PNFL) exhibiting a ‘toggle switch’ phenotype created by two alternative protein expression levels (ON and wholesale china jerseys OFF). The only addition of rooms this year Wholesale Jerseys is the small, just off strip Lucky Dragon which is supposed to open in “late 2016” with 206 rooms. No other rooms are Cheap NFL Jerseys expected to be added to the list until at least 2019 when Genting Singapore’s (OTCPNK: OTCPK:GIGNY) is set to open the first stage of its Resort World. That opening has been variously reported to include from 3,000 7,000 rooms, probably towards the lower end of that scale with the remaining opening in later stages.Michael Hurley, CBS Boston: Patriots. “It’s not sure thing, as Seattle doesn’t often lose by more than a touchdown (just twice since 2012), but save for NBA Jerseys Cheap maybe Dallas, the Patriots have for the most part looked like the only true dominant team in the NFL this year. If anyone can put a whooping on a vulnerable Seattle team that’s on a short week and is traveling across the country to play its third nationally televised prime time game in four weeks, it would be Bill Belichick’s Patriots.”

Help for single mom and two children after fire destroys home

On September 8, 2012 The Art of Life Foundation donates clothes, stuffed animals, toys, handbags, household items and a small monetary donation to single mom of Pemberton Township, and her two children, (ages 3 and 2), after a fire destroyed their home. A subsequent delivery was made to the housing location where the family was temporarily living.

DSC03070 DSC03074 DSC03072

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