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I would highly recommend Keith Mazza and The Asian Academy of Martial Arts as a Tai Chi instructor. Keith has been working for four years with older adults from the ElderMed senior membership program. In that time, I have found Keith to be very accommodating and flexible in his teaching techniques based on the needs of the participants. He has successfully taught seniors with a wide range of physical conditions, and they all have benefited. ยท
Keith and his staff are friendly, empathetic and multi-talented. Blended together, these qualities provide for an encouraging and enriching experience for all participants. Our Tai Chi class is held on a continual basis, and this is based on the demand of the senior members. I would highly recommend Keith Mazza and The Asian Academy of Martial Arts to your group for Tai Chi. I can assure you that you will be pleased.  
Lori A. Schwartz.)
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