Wiley Christian Retirement Community

For 7 years Wiley residents have been privileged to participate in Tai Chi and to
have Alex as our instructor, our cheerleader, our encourager, our friend.
She has taught us the benefits of Tai Chi to our aging bodies and minds.
She helps us chase Arthritis, sore shoulders and sore backs, headaches and stiff
necks, sciatica and even cold hands.
Her unbelievably young body image and unceasing smile and words of
encouragement are so important to each of us. We know she practices what she
preaches and that we should do the same.
We are always delighted when her faithful Marco visits us and takes a few turns
around the class. We know he will be an excellent therapy dog bringing special
joy to everyone he visits. Cheers for Marco!
Alex’s reminders to breath deeply, stand tall, stretch out the kinks and practice
to improve our balance go home with us after each session and echo in our
minds helping us as we go through the week.
Alex, we look forward to each session and many more years of Tai Chi under
your care.
The residents of Wiley Christian Retirement Community